Engaged Research Pedagogy and Partnership | Introduction

Darrell Hamlin

Over the years, the eJournal of Public Affairs has worked closely with a variety of scholars to bring our readers themed issues guided by guest editors who specialize in the subjects related to that scholarship


Bridging the Gap Between Researchers and Wider Audiences: Navigating A Community Literacy Collaboration In Real-Time

Terry S. Atkinson, Kimberly L. Anderson, & Elizabeth A. Swaggerty

While campus-community partnerships are common, such engaged scholarship efforts often lead university researchers to community-centered presentations and publications

The Role of Positive Youth Development, Educational Policy, and Cultural Relevancy in School Settings

Rolanda L. Ward, Tanyetta Carter, & Nazia Siddiq

Changes in federal education legislation have presented scholars, educational activists, and educators with an opportunity to influence educational outcomes that are youth-centered and youth-driven, specifically among students of color in underserved schools

Developing Civically Engaged Citizens in an Introductory Criminal Justice Course

Tamara Lynn

Criminal justice programs are often considered a training ground for students’ future careers; however, that training often lacks a focus on civic engagement

A New-Old Way to Explore Civic Engagement: Learning from the Past

Peter Nagler & Harry Basehart

Peter Nagler & Harry Basehart


Tell Your Story

Debate and Critical Thinking as Civic Education: The Case of Myanmar

Joseph Zompetti

In 2009, I traveled to Burma (also known as Myanmar) to meet with several non-governmental organizations that were actively involved in a pro-democracy movement working to reform horrifying economic