Innovative Civic Engagement Pedagogy at CLDE 2018

Bethany Fleck

Introductory Essay: eJournal of Public Affairs, Special Issue


Toward an Innovative Civic Engagement Pedagogy

Nicholas D. Hartlep, Danielle Lake, Jennifer W. Purcell, Adam Bush, Lane Graves Perry III, Bethany Fleck, Brandon W. Kliewer, Emily M. Janke, Paul N. Markham, Cecilia M. Orphan, John A. Saltmarsh

Exemplary early-career leaders in higher education who are advancing the wider civic engagement movement in an effort to build a broader public culture of democracy

Civic Engagement in the Online Classroom: Increasing Youth Political Engagement in an Online American Government Course

Judithanne Scourfield McLauchlan

The development and implementation of a civics project in an online American government course and explores the challenges and opportunities around managing civic engagement projects in an online format

Infusing Creative Energy to Encourage Civic Values and Action in Project-Based Learning and Community-Based Research

Adrienne M. Hooker, David M. Wang & Carol-lynn Swol

Contemporary methodologies of art and design pedagogy offer ways to address pressing societal issues and to improve civic knowledge through purposeful inquiry and action

Engaging Through Design Thinking: Catalyzing Integration, Iteration, Innovation, and Implementation

Danielle Lake, Marc Lehman & Linda Chamberlain

Hybrid pedagogical strategies for transdisciplinary, collaborative, community-based learning that responds to a “real-world need” in “real time”

Fake It “Till You Make It”: Debunking Fake News in a Post-Truth America

Joseph Zompetti & Molly Kerby

“Fake news” has become a household term, and repeated attempts to break the trust between reporters and the American people have threatened the validity of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Blackmaleness at a Public Regional University

Mark Wagner & Katie Cleary

The three exploratory case studies discussed in this article were drawn from a Civic Corps project at a public regional university and reveal challenges and obstacles that can disrupt the academic careers of Black male collegians

Taking a Deep Dive into the Emergent Theory of Change

Lindsey Woelker, Kristina Gage, April Marshall & Tara Centeno

The civic learning and democratic engagement (CLDE) emergent theory of change builds on the 2012 report A Crucible Moment, asking vital questions about higher education’s role in advancing CLDE

Creating Cohesive Paths to Civic Engagement: Five Approaches to Institutionalizing Civic Engagement

Garret S. Batten, Adrienne Falcón, Jan R. Liss & Arielle del Rosario

As colleges and universities prioritize civic engagement in the curriculum, there is a need for coherent program design and the diffusion of civic engagement practices throughout the undergraduate experience


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