Intro Essay: Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement

Jennifer Domagal-Goldman

Other than the split issue on global engagement in 2014-2015, the issue you are reading today is the largest single issue in the eJournal’s history


Collaborative Engagement from within the Academy: A Self-Reflexive Narrative

Danielle L. Lake

This essay builds upon the current movement around publicly engaged scholarship, seeking to illuminate its challenges, risks, and rewards through a…

Enhancing Civic, Electoral, and Political Engagement Through International Student Inclusion

Adrienne McNally

International students are often overlooked in the typical civic engagement activities of colleges and universities. However, including international students in such…

College Student Food Insecurity and Awareness and Use of Supports: Recent Findings from a Survey of Students at a Mid-Sized State Comprehensive University in Kansas

Brett Zollinger, Shala Mills, Emily Brandt and Wendy Rohleder-Sook

Recognition of food insecurity among college students in the U.S. is growing

Invited Essay: Educating for Democracy in Undemocratic Contexts: Avoiding the Zero-Sum Game of Campus Free Speech Versus Inclusion

Nancy Thomas

The debate over free speech and inclusion in higher education is not new, but it has reached new levels of vitriol and confusion as…

Bridging Civic Engagement to Civic Responsibility Through Short-Term, International Service-Learning Experiences: A Qualitative Analysis of Student Reflections

Stephanie Malinenko, Justine Tutuska, and Lynn Matthews Daemen

Written reflection is a tool commonly used by faculty to assess student learning in service-learning courses, which are frequently…


Book Review: Teaching Civic Engagement Across the Disciplines

Melanie Nichole Burdick

As a former high school teacher and current university faculty member who also directs my institution’s Center for Teaching, it was immediately clear to me how this book could be influential

Book Review: You’re More Powerful Than You Think: A Citizen’s Guide to Making Change Happen

Derek W. M. Barker

Through his writings, speeches, and civic entrepreneurship, perhaps no one has done more to inspire youth civic engagement than Eric Liu

Tell Your Story

Invited Commentary: Democratic Engagement and Community Engagement: The American Democracy Project at California State University San Marcos

Kimber M. Quinney, Scott Gross and Catalina Langen

CSUSM’s commitment to democratic engagement and community engagement can serve as a model for the implementation of ADP on other ADP campuses

Food Pantry Making a Difference for FHSU Students

Chase Willhite

With the help of a Kansas Health Foundation Healthy Living Grant, students at Fort Hays State University now have access to fresh fruits and vegetables through the Tiger Food Exchange

The American Democracy Project 2014 Annual Meeting

The combined American Democracy Project / The Democracy Commitment annual meeting in Louisville, KY

CivEd Talks – Doing Civic Engagement through a Wicked Problems Lens: The Case for Passionate Impartiality

 Martín Carcasson

Martin Carcasson made the case for taking a “wicked problems” perspective on tough issues to work toward improving the quality of public discourse and building the necessary civic skill sets and mindsets in our students

CivEd Talks – Millennial Conservatism and Civic Engagement: No, Really, What Do Young Conservatives Want?

 Jane Coaston

The latest polling data and analytics in a discussion about what we’re hearing — and not hearing — from a demographic that will impact our politics, and our policies, for decades to come

CivEd Talks – Citizen Power

Eric Liu

The values, knowledge and skills of effective citizenship, and rejuvenated the meaning of being an active American