Why Civic Leadership for Social Justice?

Brandon W. Kliewer and Kerry L. Priest

Social justice, civic leadership and democracy


The Politics of Knowledge: Challenges and Opportunities for Social Justice Work in Higher Education Institution

Timothy J. Shaffer

Social justice is a topic that few in higher education oppose, but university faculty members and academic professionals face structural challenges in their efforts to engage with social justice issues

“Not Just a Year of Social Justice Education”: A university/community collaboration to enhance and support social justice

Linda P. Thurston

An educational initiative originating in a college of education and engaging both the larger university and the community

So Just Make a Difference: A Unique Approach to Leadership and Social Justice Education

Kathy L. Guthrie and Amber E. Hampton

Exploration of social justice issues need to be integrated into a person’s life

Self-Stigmatizing Identity and Democratic Participation Among Low-Income Individuals

Ruth Johnson Cronje, Gregory Thomas Nelson, Kali J. Boldt,
Gabrielle Schmidt, Rachel Keniston, and Laurelyn (Weiseman) Sandkamp

Self-stigmatizing sense of identity is a barrier to participation in civic activity


Review: Imploring the Next Generation of Scholars

Lori E. Kniffin

Publicly Engaged Scholars: Next Generation Engagement and the Future of Higher Education

Tell Your Story

Deliberation: An Introduction

John J. Theis and Jose Vela

The idea that it is our communities and discourse that are the foundations for civic renewal

Cops and Crowds

Darrell A. Hamlin

We can invest in technology to disperse crowds, or we can invest in something that speaks to whatever is causing the crowds to gather