Introductory information from the editors and invited essays.


EJOPA Editors

Closing in on a national election that feels more consequential than anything most of us can remember

Invited Essays

Erosion and Renewal in Democratic Life

Rachelle Darabi

A struggle for the soul of the United States

Recognition for Dr. Rachelle Darabi

EJOPA Editors

Under her leadership as Executive Editor, the eJournal of Public Affairs has flourished

Justice and the Lens of History

Curt Brungardt

Our democracy and the classroom


Peer-reviewed, data-driven content from prominent scholars on public affairs topics.

Toward the World We Long For: Churches and the Hope of Democratic Life

Elizabeth Gish

Resonances between democratic and religious life

Citizens of Heaven Political Participation of Undocumented Americans

Emily J. Erickson

A sense of belonging, church involvement and political participation among undocumented Americans

Discipline-oriented Citizenship

Alexander Pope IV

Disciplinary literacy and the college classroom

Research Notes

How to Host a Civic Leadership Academy on Your Campus

Elizabeth A. Bennion

Everything one needs to know about hosting a successful Civic Leadership Academy on their campus


Experts in public affairs fields comment and review on relevant publications.

Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump

David Gutterman

Befuddlement at the overwhelming, fervid, and ongoing support their religious compatriots offer to Donald Trump

George Will’s Conservatism and Democracy in Crisis: A Review Essay

Joe Romance

Ideas, the best of which—freedom, equality, justice, fraternity—are worthy of deep reflection and analysis

A Citizen’s Guide to Impeachment, by Barbara Radnofsky

Wendy M. Rohleder-Sook

Useful guidance in understanding the impeachment process

Tell Your Story

Voices from the global community on public affairs topics.

Missouri State Voter Engagement

Stacey Trewatha-Bach

Creating Citizen Bears through voter engagement

Paws to the Polls

Suzanne E Walker-Pacheco

The making of a campus voter initiative

Be the Change

Tessa A. Lokie

Come together as a community and be the change we wish to see

Democracy Toolbox

Editor and scholar contributions

Resources and information for being an informed citizen