Student Political Engagement in the Co-Curriculum: Understanding the Role of Senior Student Affairs Officers

Demetri L. Morgan, Cecilia M. Orphan

How the socialization of senior student affairs officers (SSAO) influences approaches to student civic/political development

The Evolving Role of Higher Education in U.S. Democracy

Nancy Thomas, Jodi Benenson

Colleges and universities serve two distinct but complementary purposes with respect to student development: academics educate students for individual prosperity and well-being and for public participation in democracy and civic life

New Resources for Civic Engagement: The National Survey of Student Leaders and the Consortium for Inter-Campus SoTL Research

J. Cherie Strachan, Elizabeth A. Bennion

Findings from the first wave of the NSSL, while increasing familiarity with the type of campus-level data available from this new assessment tool

Teaching Deliberative Democracy Deliberatively

Timothy J. Shaffer

University faculty can create courses that explore deliberative democracy theory and practice while also making the structure of the course deliberative and participatory for undergraduate students

Implementing the Political Engagement Project in an Introductory Communication Course: An Examination of the Effects on Students’ Political Knowledge, Efficacy, Skills, Behavior, and Ideology

Stephen K. Hunt, Kevin R. Meyer, John F. Hooker, Cheri J. Simonds, Lance R. Lippert

Students in PEP sections of an introductory communication course show significantly larger pre- to posttest gains on virtually all of the measures

Reimagining Civic Education in our Colleges and Universities: The Influence of Deliberation on Students Perceptions of Political Participation

Windy Y. Lawrence, John J. Theis

The skills of public dialogue and deliberation are critical for civic engagement programs in higher education because they provide students with the knowledge necessary for addressing wicked problems in our democracy

Addressing Political Inequality by Restoring the Civic Mission of Higher Education

Abraham Goldberg

Embedding political learning into the entire undergraduate experience satisfies the civic mission of higher education

The American Electoral Process: A Never-ending “Teachable Moment”

Elizabeth Christine Matto

How educators can integrate evidence-based pedagogical techniques into their coursework and make the most of the election as a “teachable moment”

Community Colleges and Educating for Democracy

Carrie B. Kisker, John J. Theis, Alberto R. Olivas

Deliberation is a critical approach to educating for democracy, and represents a way to redirect civic initiatives away from a focus on the problems in democracy to the problems of democracy

Student activism, institutional amnesia and power: Lessons from the #fordhall2015 Brandeis student protests

Callie Watkins Liu

Institutional amnesia and narrative reconstruction are structural strategies to resist social change and maintain power in the face of social protest

Memories of College Activism in an Undocumented Student Support Group

Matias N Ramos

How students around the country took part of a movement that led to executive changes to federal immigration policy

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In memoriam: Marc Cooper Dedication

Andrew P Lokie

It is with great sadness that we tell you that on August 17, 2016, we lost our
colleague and friend Dr. Marc Cooper