A Civic Health Dialogue and Deliberation: Engaging Business, Nonprofit and Public Leaders

Ellen Szarleta

Each sector brings different qualities bring to the table, all are required to effectively advance initiatives targeting our civic health

Healthy Communities / Healthy Colleges: Advancing Civic Health with Data and Action

Mark D. Potter

 The capabilities and applications of “big data” are expanding to shape strategies and practices in such disparate areas as product development, marketing, sports analysis, public health, and political prognosis

Taking a Closer Look at Campus Civic Health: Are We Measuring Dutiful or Actualized Citizenship on Campus?

Adam Van Liere, Jeremy Arney, Jo Arney

Traditional measures of civic health need to be updated to reflect a more actualized definition utilized by young adults today

Social Capital and Civic Participation in the Ozarks: Summary of Findings from the Ozarks Regional Social Capital Survey

Mike Stout, John B Harms, Timothy D Knapp

 The information in this report can be used to motivate and inform discussions of how to enliven civic participation in Southwest Missouri and strengthen the social fabric of the Show Me State

College at Brockport Civic Health Report

Susan Orr & Dena Levy

Students from the course collected compiled and analyzed data for the report in the process of learning research concepts and skills

Lincoln Park Survey Instrument

Mark D. Potter

Businesses were selected as the study’s focus due to their important community role and their being understudied in civic engagement research

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In memoriam: John H. Keiser

The Editors

In Memoriam: Dr. John H. Keiser (1937-2016) March 2016 Special Issue, eJournal of Public Affairs The Editors, eJournal of Public Affairs Missouri State University John Keiser, president of Southwest Missouri State University (now Missouri State University) from 1993 to 2005