Global Engagement: Educating Globally Competent Citizens

Dennis R Falk, Darrell A Hamlin

This second special issue of the eJournal of Public Affairs, along with the first special issue released in December 2014, reflects the breadth of activities related to internationalized engagement for fostering global competence among students, educators, and institutions


Creating Courses about Global Forces: Global Challenges and General Education

Martin Shapiro, Lisa Anderson, Kris Clarke

Courses in the General Education (GE) program taught around the Global Challenges framework developed by members of AASCU’s Global Engagement Initiative

AASCU’s Global Challenges: Promise and Peril in the 21st Century Course

Tina Zappile, Shala Mills

The authors share the AASCU NBCC model for the Global Challenges curriculum and offer case studies on how that curriculum has been successfully delivered on two campuses

Teaching Abroad: Creating Global Citizens and Global Teachers

Denise M Horn

International study programs in light of faculty development

Using Research to Examine Global Challenges

Amy Buddie, Kenneth Hill, Phillip Poskus

Tools to better understand the geopolitical, social, academic, and economic challenges that face our world today and, more importantly, tomorrow

The Soliya Connect Program: Two Institutions’ Experience with Virtual Intercultural Communication

Steven Elliott-Gower, Kenneth Hill

Examining course objectives, student learning outcomes, course structure, students’ experience with Soliya, and student learning outcomes assessment

Undergraduates’ Awareness and Perceptions of Globalization: A Comparison of U.S. and Chinese Students

Brett Zollinger, Fu Runfeng, Keith Campbell

Assessing current awareness of and attitudes toward predominant globalization processes among undergraduate students

A Transformational Learning Model for Designing Internationalized On-Campus Courses

Shelley L Smith

A four-step transformational model for internationalizing on-campus courses and curricula