Teaching Globally, Learning Locally

Dennis Falk, Darrell A. Hamlin

This special issue of the eJournal of Public Affairs focuses on how colleges and universities are preparing students to effectively engage in global issues and how they can educate globally competent citizens


The AASCU Global Engagement Initiative: Educating Globally Competent Citizens

Dennis R. Falk, Jennifer Domagal-Goldman, Keisha L. Hoerrner

The Global Engagement Initiative (formerly Seven Revolutions Project), part of the American Democracy Project at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), focuses on educating globally competent citizens at colleges and universities

Assessing AASCU’s Global Challenges Blended Model Course

Shala Mills, Jian Sun

The effectiveness of the national blended course in meeting its stated learning objectives


Study Abroad and Moral Development

Andrew Johnson, Danielle Hathcock

Study abroad can facilitate moral development, whether one understands morality in utilitarian, Kantian, or sentimentalist terms



Review: The Challenge of Global Governance in the 21st Century: A Review of Three TED Talks

Steven Elliot-Gower, Yohannes Woldemariam

TED Talks Reviews

Review: Global Studies Reader, 2nd Ed.

Brett Whitaker

Book review