Introductory information from the editors

From the Editors

Andrew Lokie
Missouri State University

Darrell Hamlin
Fort Hays State University

Intro essay for volume 10, issue 3


Peer-reviewed, data-driven content from prominent scholars on public affairs

Civic Engagement Through Theatre: Running a Brechtian Workshop in the Classroom

Margot Morgan
Indiana University Southeast

An innovative active-learning technique for supporting the development of civic education

Enhancing Civic Engagement Through Leadership Education

Lori E. Kniffin
Fort Hays State University

Sonalini Sapra
Guilford College

Examining the perceived impact of a leadership curriculum on the personal leadership practices and the civic engagement of 14 undergraduate students

Accessibility as a Foundation for an Equitable Digital Civic Engagement Infrastructure

Allison D. Rank and Rebecca Mushtare
State University of New York at Oswego

The civic engagement infrastructure (CEI) must pay more attention to digital accessibility 

Building Capacity to Alleviate Poverty Through National Service: An Evaluation Plan Guided by Community Partner Perspectives

Laura E. Martin
University of Mississippi

How a national service program, the Mid-South VISTA Project (MSVP), has impacted community partner organizations through capacity-building activities

Legislators’ Perceptions of University Student Lobbying Efforts for Public Higher Education Legislation: A Case Study

James J. Krotz
Purdue University

Lisa M. Rubin
Kansas State University

College students have a legitimate interest in many policy issues that affect their campuses, but are they effective in lobbying their state representatives in support of their interests


Book Reviews, Research Notes, Instruments & Reports, Best Practice

Book Review: The World: A Brief Introduction, by Richard Haass

Steven Elliott-Gower
Georgia College and State University

Discussed in this review:
The World: A Brief Introduction. By Richard Haass. Penguin Press. May 2020. ISBN: 9780399562396. 400 pages. Paperback, $18.00.

Book Review: Run: Book One, by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, L. Fury, and Nate Powell

Allison Bannister
Independent Scholar

Discussed in this review:
Run: Book One. By John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, L. Fury, and Nate Powell. Abrams ComicArts. August 2021. ISBN: 978-1419730696. 160 pages. Hardcover, $24.99.

March. By John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell. Top Shelf Productions. September 2016. ISBN: 978-1603093958. 560 pages. Trilogy Slipcase Edition, $49.99.


“Tell your Story” Special Feature: ADP Highlight

Feature: The American Democracy Project

Catherine A. Copeland
American Association of State Colleges and Universities

Integrating curricular and student life experiences, promoting civic agency, developing civic- and equity-minded pedagogies, and fostering experiential and community-based learning

Assessing and Improving Political Learning and Engagement on College Campuses

Nancy Thomas
Tufts University

Leah A. Murray
Weber State University

Kyle Upchurch
Tufts University

Catherine A. Copeland
American Association of State Colleges and Universities

Insight into the necessity of generating institutional support for civic engagement initiatives