Traditional Feng Shui Architecture as an Inspiration for the Development of Green Buildings

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Bo Su


Green landscape with Wind Mills in blue sky and trees all over


Feng Shui, one of the three pillars that support China’s ancient architectural theory, was the soul of Chinese traditional architecture during its five thousand year history.  It advocated the harmony between mankind and nature which perfectly coincides with the concepts of modern green buildings. Feng Shui includes geomantic astronomy, geography, human information science, and other fields. Because of the lack of systemic scientific knowledge associated with Fen Shui, it has a mystical character bordering at times on superstition. This paper analyzes the culture essence of Feng Shui and explores the relationship between traditional geomantic omen and architectural aesthetics. This paper also examines the application of traditional Feng Shui in site selection—indoor and outdoor, environment controlled, and other areas. The paper aims to help absorb and inherit the essence of Feng Shui and provides the cultural foundation and methods for the development of green building.