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Reviewer Guidelines

  • Write detailed reviews for all submissions including those that are exemplary
  • Provide constructive criticisms to help the authors
  • Focus reviews on content
  • Point out typographic and grammatical errors, unless there are too many of them
  • Although the eJournal of Public Affairs requires all submitted papers to be of professional quality, once a paper is accepted, authors will have a brief opportunity to improve the presentation of their papers prior to publication

Advantages of being a reviewer

  • Collaborating with an national editorial team and being an integral part of the American Democracy Project
  • Mentoring authors
  • Participating in processes to improve editorial work
  • Participating in a professional collaboration committed to improving the eJournal of Public Affairs publications
  • Provide consultation for other experts in a similar field

Review Process

  • Authors will receive confirmation of submission within one week of receipt.
  • Managing editor will determine reviewers for blind review.
  • Potential reviewers will be given one week to accept a manuscript.
  • An alternate reviewer will be contacted if not accepted by first reviewer.
  • Authors will be contacted regarding the editors’ decision, a process which generally takes from 4 to 6 weeks. Four standard responses will be given:
    • Accepted with no changes
    • Accepted on condition of changes
    • Revise and resubmit
    • Not accepted
  • Questions about manuscript guidelines should be emailed to:


When a manuscript has been formally accepted for publication:

  • Authors will be required to submit a complete electronic copy of the final version, including all figures, charts, tables, appendices, and illustrations.
  • The eJournal of Public Affairs reserves the right to make non-substantive editorial changes for style, clarity, and consistency.


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