Introductory essay: eJournal of Public Affairs | Volume 9, Issue 1

Felice Nudelman and Cathy Copeland

“All Voices Count” was an issue in progress before the COVID-19 pandemic hit America


Tools for Living Democracy: Putting the CLDE Theory of Change into Practice

Romy Hübler, David Hoffman, Craig Berger, Jennifer M. Domagal-Goldman and Stephanie King

A Crucible Moment, the influential report from the National Task Force on Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement

Managing “send her back”: civil discourse and educating for democracy as campus culture

Dennis McCunney Ph.D, Jeremy B. Tuchmayer, Ph.D., Tara Kermiet, Erik Kneubuehl, Ed.D., Chris Stansbury

Until recently, East Carolina University (ECU) had a small culture of marches, protests, and other free speech actions

“Change is the Essential Process of all Existence:” Transformation through Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement’s Theory of Emergent Change

Molly Kerby

During the early years of the American Association of State Colleges & Universities’ (AASCU) American Democracy Project

The Role of Institutions of Higher Education in Community-Centric Risk Reduction

Lee M. Miller and Magdalena A. Denham

Calls for universities to be good citizens and stewards of place have recently invited them to include commitments

Tell Your Story

Barbara Burch: Memorial and Tribute

George Mehaffy, David Lee, Molly Kerby and Paul Markham

This memorial project, like so many other things, started in an unplanned way

Honors Projects: Sam Houston State University Students | Business Communication

The following three pieces are part of Honors projects completed in a Business Communication class at Sam Houston State