Focus and Scope

The eJournal of Public Affairs is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary, open-access journal published by Missouri State University in collaboration with the American Democracy Project, ADP. By providing an academic, nationally refereed venue for such work, the eJournal aims to advance the status of public scholarship. The eJournal is focused on scholarship related to engagement in the public arena and in particular but not limited to the following themes:

  • Scholarship and pedagogy of Teaching and Learning, problem solving, and leadership related to citizenship and civic engagement
  • Considerations of citizenship and what it means to be a citizen, including global citizenship and eCitizenship
  • The relationship between social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and civic engagement
  • Assessment of civic-engagement projects

The subject matter for civic engagement is broad in its reach, as can be seen in past eJournal publications stored under Archives. Missouri State University’s mission in Public Affairs addresses three topics that include ethical leadership, cultural competence, and community engagement. The American Democracy Project has pursued various projects and topics, which have been presented in number of eJournal publications. The editors welcome new titles from authors and proposed themed topics from guest editors. 

The eJournal publishes scholarly articles, with or without embedded multimedia included in the article, including research studies, best practices, reviews of the literature, and book reviews. We will also consider publishing scholarly and creative endeavors in alternate forms of media (e.g., videos, photo-essays, written essays).  Manuscripts submitted are reviewed on a rolling basis, so authors can upload them to at any time they reach closure. Final manuscripts will be subjected to copy-editing proof reading prior to publication.

Please contact Andrew Lokie, Editor, eJournal of Public Affairs, to discuss any questions and how to submit your materials to the eJournal at

Peer Review Process

The Managing Editor will read each submission to determine which ones will go forward for review. If the submission is to be reviewed, then the Managing Editor will determine which reviewers are most capable of judging the quality of the submission. These reviewers will read and comment on the redacted submission. In addition, the reviewers will indicate whether or not they believe that a given submission should be published in the eJournal as is or with revisions. The Managing Editor, informed by the reviews, will determine whether or not to publish a given submission.

Publication Frequency

The eJournal of Public Affairs will publish three issues a year. Each issue will have its own table of contents. Some issues will be themed with a guest editor, and others will be open submissions.

Digital Object Identifiers

The eJournal assigns digital object identifiers (DOI) to all published items DOIs provide stable identifications for electronically published items. In addition, the editors encourage all authors to use DOIs in their reference lists. The submissions process allows authors to use a tool to check each citation for its DOI. These DOIs are associated with the article’s metadata and processed by CrossRef. Although there are costs associated with assigning DOIs, the eJournal does not charge authors for this service.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Acceptance Rate

The eJournal of Public Affairs operates in a manner that results in higher acceptance rates. Typically, two of the three annual issues involve guest editors who, within this process, are able to recruit articles. The results from colleague networking has produced a higher quality of submissions and therefore has yielded a higher rate for acceptance.  In addition, the eJournal approach for managing editors has been to encourage and support authors to make additional efforts to evolve the article to satisfy the editorial review process for publication.


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